Coloursphere 2.0

Find, identify, save, and email the colour you need — FAST!

Designed for the pros: art directors, graphic designers, artists and photographers…and everyone else. This intuitive, easy-to-use this app can make anyone an expert at finding that perfect colour and its ideal harmonies.


Pick a Colour

Swipe the hyper-responsive Colour wheel to select the colour you’re searching for. The Contrast slider ensures that you’re in control of the exact shade. Double tap to display your colour - full screen.

Colour Schemes

Coloursphere does the work for you! Flick your finger across the top of the screen to view 8 different types of color harmony.  Building on traditional paint-mixing Colour Theory, each of the schemes gives you a number of options that look great with your selected color.  Included are Complementary, Triadic, Tints, Tones, Shades, Split Complementary, Analogue and Tints/Tones/Shades all at once.

Email your Colour Schemes

Want to make sure that your web designer knows precisely what colors you want for your banner and text? For that and a thousand other times you need to convey a precise colour or colour scheme – remotely! Coloursphere lets you e-mail any colour or colour scheme in an instant.  Your colours appear in the email (platform independently) exactly as they appear on your screen, perfect for making sure everyone is on the same page.

Save Colour Schemes

Found that exact colour and shade you’ve been searching for? Got the perfect harmony selected? Save them for as long as you want.  Easily save and access an unlimited number of colour schemes at any time.  While viewing any colour, tap once to save either the colour or the entire scheme – Coloursphere gives you the choice.

A unique searchable database:

How many ways do you know Blue? Light Blue, Sky Blue, Royal, Navy, Cerulean, Cobalt, Cyan, Azure, even blue with a hint of purple! As fast as you can type in the English name, HSV, hexadecimal or RGB values, this lightening fast app will instantly display your colour. In Colour scheme mode, the harmonies update instantly, too.