One more thing...

By Kris Harris on

You’ve probably already seen that Coloursphere 2 was released today. But, that’s not all we’ve got up our sleeves.

In celebration of the Annual Day of the Ninja, we’re announcing our next app: ScreenNinja! ScreenNinja is a different kind of screen recording program. It records things that would be too long or boring to watch in real time, but when viewed as a time-lapse video can be interesting or beautiful. You’ve probably seen a time-lapse video of a building, concert or conference being set up. Imagine what it would look like to see the process of building your next app, website or artwork sped up in a similar style? That’s what ScreenNinja does.

But that’s not all: Since this is our first Mac OS X app, we want to get your feedback early. So, we’re releasing a completely free Public Beta of ScreenNinja today. Head over to Check out a video of ScreenNinja in action, download the beta, and let us know what you think.

The full version of ScreenNinja will be available in early 2011 on the Mac AppStore.