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One more thing…

By Kris Harris on

You’ve probably already seen that Coloursphere 2 was released today. But, that’s not all we’ve got up our sleeves.

In celebration of the Annual Day of the Ninja, we’re announcing our next app: ScreenNinja! ScreenNinja is a different kind of screen recording program. It records things that would be too long or boring to watch in real time, but when viewed as a time-lapse video can be interesting or beautiful. You’ve probably seen a time-lapse video of a building, concert or conference being set up. Imagine what it would look like to see the process of building your next app, website or artwork sped up in a similar style? That’s what ScreenNinja does.

But that’s not all: Since this is our first Mac OS X app, we want to get your feedback early. So, we’re releasing a completely free Public Beta of ScreenNinja today. Head over to Check out a video of ScreenNinja in action, download the beta, and let us know what you think.

The full version of ScreenNinja will be available in early 2011 on the Mac AppStore.

Coloursphere 2 - Professional Colour Picker for the rest of us releases to the cheers of all the employees that work at Improbable Sciences.

By Improbable Sciences on

Los Angeles, California – December 5th, 2010 Improbable Sciences today announced that Coloursphere 2 is available for your iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store.  This easy-to-use app will intuitively and beautifully display the colours you’ve been looking for.  Featuring email export, a responsive Colour Wheel and Colour Contrast slider, Coloursphere 2 was created for art directors, graphic designers, artist, and photographers.  With Coloursphere there are a virtually unlimited number of ways to express colour.

It’s damn good and you should buy it,” said Kris Harris, inventor of Coloursphere 2 and Founder of Improbable Sciences. “Our whole team of developers poured not only our hearts and souls, but every colour on earth into this app.”

Coloursphere 2 Features:

  • A gorgeous, easy-to-use interface
  • A hyper-responsive Colour Wheel and Colour Contrast slider
  • A unique, Searchable database with over 900 names of colours
  • The ability to access Colour Harmonies with the swipe of a finger – perfect for seamlessly selecting colours that look great together
  • Save/Load and Email Colour Schemes
  • The ability to view any colour in full screen by double tapping.

Have something specific in mind?  Use Coloursphere 2’s unique searchable database that contains over 900 names of colours.  “If you can write down something that you think has colour (like brick or lemon), Coloursphere 2 will tell you exactly what that colour is” remarks Harris.  In addition to using names of colours, search for colours by typing their hexadecimal, RGB or HSV values.  Just start typing and instantly your colour appears on the screen.  “I defy you to come up with a colour that Coloursphere 2 does not know. Not to be a sommelier about it, but it does know the difference between Bordeaux and Merlot.”

Building on traditional paint mixing Colour Theory, we at Improbable Sciences put a lot of effort into our Colour Harmonies.  Each harmony gives you a number of choices that will look great with your selected colour.”  Coloursphere 2 allows the user to see a total of 8 different types of Color Harmonies for any colours the user can select. Included Harmonies are Complementary, Triadic, Tints, Tones, Shades, Split Complementary, Analogue and Tints/Tones/Shades all at once.

Found that exact colour and shade you are looking for? Save it for as long as you want.  Want to make sure that your web designer knows precisely what colors you want for your banner and text?  Email any of your saved colour schemes. Your colours appear in the e-mail exactly as they appear on your screen including any Harmonies, perfect for making sure everyone is on the same page.

Coloursphere 2 is available for purchase for $0.99 on the iTunes App store. Find out more about Coloursphere 2, and see screenshots and videos at Coloursphere 2’s website

Founded in 2009, Improbable Sciences is an indie developer that makes creative applications for iPhone, iPod touch and Mac OS. Previous applications include 8 Track Mind, a musical puzzle game. Kris Harris has been developing software under a number of different labels for over 10 years.