Coloursphere 1.0.1

By Kris Harris on

Coloursphere 1.0.1 has been approved by Apple. Keep hitting those refresh buttons, because we expect it to go live any second now.This update brings iOS 4 compatibility, high-rez graphics for Retina Display, and more. Available Immediately. iTunes Link: Coloursphere for iPhone, iPod Touch

Coloursphere 1.0.1 Release notes:

UPDATE: Looks like the High Resolution app icon isn’t displaying on iPhone 4. Never fear, the rest of the graphics are all rendering razor sharp on the Retina Display. We’ll have another update as soon as possible so that Coloursphere won’t be pixeling up your homescreen. We apologise for the oversight. Those responsible have been sacked.

New features for everyone:

  • Performance Enhancements
  • Fixed some situations where the colour code was difficult to read.
  • Switch between 4 different colour code display modes in the Settings App

New Features for iOS 4 Users

  • Ability to email colours & colour schemes straight from the app
  • Backgrounding/Multitasking - instant startup, right where you left off*
  • Retina Display support* - The entire app has been overhauled to support the new high-rez display on iPhone 4

*on supported devices