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Announcing Coloursphere

By Kris Harris on

You might be asking, “What’s with the name change?”. Well, Apple rejected the previous name, claiming they have a trademark on the letters POD, so we had a contest to pick the new name. The winner, with 22% of the vote was Coloursphere.

Coloursphere has been submitted to Apple, and unless we get any more surprises during the approval process, it should be available some time next week for the price of $0.99. Check out the Coloursphere product page for more information.

Name that App!

By Kris Harris on

As we had feared, Apple has rejected the name ‘Colourpod’ for trademark reasons. So, we’re launching a challenge to let YOU decide the name of the app. Take a look at the video below, and tell us what you think it should be called, then vote on the poll to the right.

Don’t like any of our suggestions? No problem! Leave a comment on this page with your name suggestions, and we will add them to the poll. If we use your suggestion, you’ll win a free copy of the app (once it’s approved for sale by Apple)

(Edit: We lost the poll results while migrating to our new hosting system. Sorry! /kh)

Announcing Colourpod

By Improbable Sciences on

@qrunchmonkey decided to do a little experiment: Would it be possible to create an app that is up to our standards in only two weeks? Well, the experiment was a success. So, today we’re announcing our latest app: Colourpod – A streamlined colour picker and colour scheme generator for iPhone and iPod touch.

It’s not available quite yet, there are still a few edges to polish (and still a few days in @qrunchmonkey’s self-imposed deadline.) But, if you’d like to get a sneak peak at it, we’re looking for some beta testers. Head over to our contact page or our twitter account and ask to be included in the Colourpod beta!